Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Report from The Church at Glyboka~ Bro. Slavic

Peace and grace to your home, dear brother Aaron and sister Lina!!!

This is one of the 7 churches sponsored through the ministry.

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ from brother Slavic and all my family. I thank God that in Him our life is continuing and work on His harvest is expanding. It's good to watch the works of God and all His great deeds, which the Lord does in my life and ministry, and more then that I see in reality how His promises are fulfilled on the way of faith. Often I remember words from Hebrews 13:5, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." The joy and encouragement from close fellowship with our Lord and even tears appear on my eyes and heart is full with thankfulness for His mercy and grace, which God shows every day, every minute to me and my family.
The Lord gives desire and sends circumstances in my life that today He expanded my ministry and I have opportunity not only serve Him in one church but there are several churches where I serve and lead training seminars. Once every month I lead seminars for churches who are in mountains. Churches in Putyla, Tovarnytsia once a month come together and study the Word of God. Also in Vyzhnytsia and Kosiv. In Putyla we study book of John, in Vyzhnytsia, book of Revelation. Churches need to be strengthened in truth to be strong spiritually and could do work of God in sharing the gospel in their community. The people of God wants to know the Lord through in-depth Bible study and thank for now opportunities which are given them by God. 
In Glyboka church people of God are encouraged in Holy Spirit. When those who come to the Lord want to obey the commandments of Christ, for church it is great joy. So young family about which I mentioned several times want to be baptized which will take place in December in First Baptist of Chernivtsi. Even though they suffer hardships this does not stop them in their love for the Lord. Month and a half ago their daughter was born but after tests they discovered heart disease. But they haven't been discouraged in faith, just the opposite, they more trust in the Lord and we pray with them that the Lord would heal her for His glory. We believe that God leading them through these trials strengthens them in faith and gives opportunities to see the miracles of the Lord. Also one more family turned to God, mother with daughter for which we are thankful to God that He adds to church those who are saved.
I'm so grateful to God for meeting with Bro. Harry, warm and good fellowship during lunch. We could in simplicity of heart to share what the Lord blesses in ministry and how we can do our ministry better. I remember proposals of Bro. Harry to visit Rehab Centers.  
In my family everything is fine and well. Also I'm fine.
I thank God for you, for Bro. Harry, for your sincere and kind heart that help us in ministry. May the Lord bless you richly!!!
With love of Christ, brother Slavic!