Monday, March 3, 2014

News from Bro. Slavic a POH counselor

Grace and peace to you my dear Brother and Sister in Christ Aaron and Lena,
Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2014 Year!!! May God of peace and mercy will
always be with you, and birth of Christ be more and more shining in whole
power and wisdom. May image of Christ reflect in us! Gal. 4:19

In this new year 2014, may the will of God will be done through you, using
time for our salvation looking at Jesus Christ with hope and having a clear
goal to reach the highest call in Christ Jesus. We remember all mercies of
the Lord and lessons He taught us that we would live soberly and holy here
on earth!

There is everything fine in my family, all of us are healthy. Christmas that
our children anticipated so much just passed and we are in routine
activities again. But God leads us in this life, even though we have
different circumstances we rejoice wonderful life and thank the Lord.

Right now everything is fine in my ministry. As always we want do better
that Kingdom of God would expand. Thank you and Bro. Harry that you help us
in it, so it is already tradition that we with your help can do Christmas
gifts to our kids, they love it. I thank the Lord and you for your good and
kind heart, that you remember us this difficult time and pray for us.

Now we are concerned and pray that God would have mercy on our country and
people of Ukraine in this time of crisis we would have peace. This situation
even was for better for the church. Before we didn't pray so earnestly for
our leaders as we do now. And we understand our responsibility before the
Lord for our country. We should pray for our leaders, the Lord calls us for
that. I believe you also pray for us and are concerned along with us. May the
Lord help you and bless you.
Greetings from my family and church.

With love, your brother Slavic

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